Our Coaches

Jad Ul Haque
Success and Life Coach

Jad is a success and life coach associated with MUMKIN who likes to work with individuals that wish to grow, evolve and reach their true potential.

Muhammad Abdul Rab
Life Coach

Mohammad Abdul Rab is a certified Mars Venus Life Coach and an associate coach with Mumkin. He is a student in the College of Shariah at the Islamic University of Madina, where he is completing his Bachelors degree in Shariah. Mohammad also has experience of teaching Quran and Arabic in his spare time.

Saad Haque
Performance and Mindset Coach

Saad is a trained Mumkin associate coach who works with ambitious, performance driven individuals that are seeking better results in professional and personal areas.

Surosh Ahmed Wasif
Life Coach

Surosh Ahmed Wasif is a MUMKIN Associate Life Coach, who is passionate in bringing balance in people’s life while enhancing their potential to meet their objectives, both spiritually and socially.

Syed Saif-ul-Islam
Life Coach

Syed Saif-ul-Islam is a MUMKIN associated coach, providing his expertise to people who want to achieve their goals and lead a content, fulfilling life. Saif-ul-Islam’s coaching benefits from his widespread travelling and volunteering for multiple causes.

Usman Mazhar Ahsan
Career and Success Coach

Usman Mazhar is a Coach and Trainer associated with MUMKIN. He is passionate about empowering people to move forward both on Career and spiritual side.

Madeha Masood​
Life Coach

Madeha is a Life Coach associated with MUMKIN who loves to help women find the purpose of their life and live better, fulfilled lives.

Nighat Fatima Haque
Life Coach

She is a life coach with a vision of facilitating people to find true happiness and peace in their lives by leveraging their skills and having positive mindset.

Noureen Akhtar
Parenting and Relationship Coach

Noureen is a Parenting and Relationship Coach associated with MUMKIN, wishing to help parents and couples through their issues.

Rizwana Mazhar​
Life Coach

Rizwana Mazher is an NLP certified life coach associated with MUMKIN.

Sumaiya Afzal
Life Coach

Sumaiya is a Life Coach who believes in empowering women to be the best version of themselves and to help them create a life they love.

Syeda Khoula Shafiq​
Life Coach

Syeda Khoula Shafiq is a certified MUMKIN life coach.

    MUMKIN is your partner to SUCCESS. Our coaches at MUMKIN specialize in EMPOWERING people to identify and achieve their personal and professional GOALS. We take great pride in the progress and success of our clients. Having helped many people achieve SUCCESS, we look forward to EMPOWER you.


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